Eco-friendly Body Care for men.

Sunprotection, body and facial care, mouth care, tattoo care and hair care for him.

The eco cosmetics company (formerly Venus) exists with its predecessors for 20 years. Originally, the company produced the Venus & Stirner essential oil series for naturopath medical practitioners. The company?s goal was to naturopaths, an extensive range of essential oils from certified organic farming for aromatherapy. Later also large companies commissioned the production of their private labels with us. So contract manufacturing began relatively early . This period ran until 1997, then Mr. Stirner left the company.
Ms. Kaya came as a shareholder in the company. New targets have been defined. Now we started with manufacturing soap, which is well tolerated by most allergics as well.
For the next program, we developed a cosmetics and food supplements program with nigella. This was designed to help with allergies. We created a new line using Sea Buckthorn for which we developed a complete skin care line with Demeter Sea Buckthorn and developed the only Noni natural cosmetics series worldwide.
In 2004, the company was formed new as eco cosmetics GmbH & Co. KG,and brought under the same name ? in Germany ? the first natural cosmetics series certified by Ecocert guidelines on the market. 2005 at the BioFach in Nuremberg we showed our latest development ? a complete series using only natural herbal and mineral sun protection filters. Meanwhile, we are certainly one of the leading companies in the field of specialty natural supplements and natural cosmetics.

Eco friendly cosmetics made with natural ingridiens, Eco friendly surf cosmetics men, toothpast, bodylotion,showergel,lipsticks

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